International Student Payments Solutions and Services

Today paying tuition internationally is a costly and frustrating experience. On top of this, children who are studying abroad require funds for day-to-day expenses and sending and receiving the money to them instantly is important.

Buckzy student payments makes paying tuition and sending money to students seamless and cost effective. Our solutions reduces the limitations on the time to settle transferred funds allowing transfers 365 days a year, 24/7, outside of traditional banking hours and holidays.

Buckzy student payments provides you with full end-to-end visibility on your transfer status while ensuring that your funds reach your children in less than 5 minutes for their immediate use.


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Student Solution Features

Buckzy solutions for international student payments is the world’s first real-time global money transfer ecosystem that provides you the ability to pay student tuition instantly, utilize a digital wallet for paying day-to-day expenses over a pre-paid card, pay international bills in real-time and much more.