Small Business Remittance Solutions and Services

Today, SMB’s are underserved with the traditional cross border business solutions available to them in the market. Current solutions put a large strain on business cash flow and create limitations and restrictions when it comes for the need of sending urgent payments instantly in real-time.

Small businesses look to global trade opportunities in order to sell into more broader markets to remain competitive and expand their revenue channels. The need for improved and innovative solutions to facilitate trading overseas for SMBs is a necessity.

Buckzy’s SMB real-time international money transfer solutions enable businesses to optimize cost and speed when accepting and transferring funds internationally. Our solution integrates with cross border bill payment capabilities directly from domestic bank accounts to suppliers around the world for an end-to-end seamless business solution that happens in real-time removing the restrictions that exist in the market today.

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Key Benefits for Business

SMB Solution Features

Buckzy for small business remittance is the world’s first real-time global money transfer ecosystem that improves your confidence in forecasting data to help deliver more accurate results through various solutions such as: multi-currency wallets, international bill payments, foreign exchange forecasting solutions, and many more.