The Future of Cross Border Payments is here

Our world works in real-time, so why should payments be any different.

The Buckzy solution for banks was developed because we know that sending and receiving payments has its challenges and it was our goal to make the process seamless and frictionless. We have built the world's first real-time cross border payment ecosystem for global money transfers and bill payments that addresses the critical friction points that banks and its end users are faced with today, such as:


Customer Retention and Acquisition


Regulatory and Risk Management


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Our unique and specialized ecosystem is modular in nature, enabling robust out of the box solutions for our financial institution partners to quickly go to market and select the components that best fit their needs and business model. Buckzy’s KYC, Liquidity and Foreign Exchange capabilities can be combined in any way that makes sense for your business needs, providing financial institutions with the flexibility you require without sacrificing speed to market and seamless integration. 

Buckzy Real-time Payment Solution for Banks

Providing FI’s with effective solutions by understanding and addressing your business goals is at the core of what the Buckzy Payments ecosystem was developed to do. With the Buckzy solution for banks, we ensure we remove the critical roadblocks in the industry today while providing your end user with a unique and positive customer experience to support customer retention and further acquisition. Our flexible API is designed to:

               - Provide a white label scalable solution with a flexible fee and pricing model to align with your business needs

               - Have the ability for your customers to send or receive money internationally in real-time, 24x7, 365 days of the
                 year (including weekends and holidays)

               - House not just one product or capability, but an entire ecosystem of capabilities that can be rapidly deployed out
                 of the box to expand features and functionality of your current offerings

               - Provide peace of mind due to our highly secure and tokenized REST APIs


Lets Innovate together

When partnering with Buckzy, banks receive the support required to innovate and stay ahead of category advancements in the payment industry. We help to facilitate and fill the needs of your end users more efficiently while providing industry knowledge to assist in business growth to stay on top of category trends and shifts.

Buckzy solutions for banks is the world’s first real-time global money transfer ecosystem that will provide a truly innovative and customized banking experience. Buckzy enables your end users to connect to all of their accounts no matter where they are around the world instantly in real-time. The Buckzy ecosystem is connected with:


47 countries

4,394 banks

27 wallets

1.9 billion users

We are building the ecosystem for tomorrow, today. Let’s work together to enhance your current product offerings with Buckzy for bank solutions.

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Key benefits to FI's

Improved Customer Experience

Superior customer experience along with a user centric design deployed within your existing branded digital channels, reducing customer support calls and increasing customer satisfaction

New Customer Acquisition and revenues

Truly differentiated and innovative solutions that drives growth within new and under served markets while creating cost reductions and operational efficiencies

Customer Retention

New capabilities to acquire and retain customers driving a positive effect on NPS

Strategic & Competitive Advantage

To utilize the world’s first innovative technology ecosystem to truly provide a real-time cross boarder payments solutions for your users


Real-time Payment Solution Showcase

The Buckzy real-time payment ecosystem has been developed specifically for financial intuitions to provide enhanced payment solutions to your end users while optimizing on efficiencies to support overall business growth and targets. These solutions include: retail payments for SMB’s, global bill payment solutions, IoT payments, international student payments and many more. 


Retail Payments for SMB's


Person-to-person Payments


Special Occasion Payments


Global Bill Pay Solutions


International Student Payments


Multi-currency Wallets


B2B Commerce Payments


IoT Payments


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Secure Private Cloud

At Buckzy Payments Inc. security, integrity and trust with our customers and users are our main priorities. We maintain bank level security within our entire ecosystem and ensure that it is  independently tested and audited on a regular basis. We continue to reinforce this through ongoing training of all of our staff and our channel service partners.

Our security solution includes a two-step login and verification process leveraging a onetime password sent directly to users mobile phone for identify confirmation and security.

Our process uses 2048 Bit RSA encryption keys for maximum security and we are certified PCI-DSS compliant to enforce standards and protect any breaches or AML impacts. 


The Buckzy Payments Inc. platform is built on microservices that are decentralized and highly scalable with flexible architecture to fit various needs and provide solutions for our partners and users. Our technology is positioned within an environment that continuously adapts to the ever evolving needs of our customers.

The following features are embedded within our platform for seamless integration with external partners to provide them with continuous opportunities for growth and profitability acceleration.

               - ISO20022 Messaging Standard

               - RESTFUL API’s

               - Artificial Intelligence for sanction screening and support of the KYC process

               - Blockchain (hyper ledger leveraged for multi-currency digital wallet 


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